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5000M 1 CH AC & DC

Application of this high power s

Each of the long range system kits has 1 channel that can be used in agriculture automation, industry automation, and home automation.. Each relay output can work at maximum current 30A. The maximum power of the device is 360W/12V, 180W/6V, 250W/9V, 700W/24V, 3000W/110V, 6000W/220V. The maximum working distance is 5000m, it shall be operated in an open ground, no barriers, no any interference. The feedback function of these long range system kits can let the user know whether the receiver has been successfully triggered or operated by the transmitter in such a long distance.  All of the receivers have a waterproof case / box and two waterproof connectors, so they can be installed outdoors.


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