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About us

About Us:
RFcontrolsystem.com makes and sells dc / ac rf remote control switches, motor remote controls, transmitters, receivers for
residential and industrial use.

We supply our customers with huge quantity of traditional products in stable functions and good performance. At the same time, we design new products according to the market requirement to satisfy new and old customers all the time.

Our products are popular in Europe, America and Asia. Our advantages include competitive price, prompt delivery, and quick response for inquiry, good communication and small order acceptable. Retail and wholesale are welcome.

Our advantages

High power:
The relay output of our RF wireless remote control products can work at maximum 30A current. So apart from products for home application, there are products that can be used for agricultural or industrial equipments.

Long range:
According to market requirements, the transmitters and receivers that we have produced can reach 1000m, 2000m, 3000m and even 5000m in an open ground. The range of 5000m is the farthest distance in the radio control area.

Feedback function:
Feedback function means that the receiver will immediately send a feedback signal to the transmitter when it receives a signal from the transmitter. This feature can let the user know whether he/she has already connected the transmitter and receiver successfully in such a long distance.

Control the motor:
In addition to controlling devices such as light. we also provide devices that can control motor, such as doors, projection screens, tents, pumps, winches and conveyors.

Time delay function:
Time delay function can be set within 0-99 seconds, which will make your life more convenient and safer. The RF wireless remote control products with wireless switch can provide remote service for two machines at the same time.

About Customization:
We accept sample customization, small batch customization, mass customization, hardware customization, software customization and APP customization.
In addition, we accept LOGO customization. we can print patterns, signs or company LOGO on shell, PCB board, button, product packaging, or add LOGO in customizing software for customers, and there is no limit on the number of products.

Customized Range:
1. Accept sample customization, small batch customization and mass customization.
2. Function customization: Timing control, Delay control, Clock control, Touch control, Wireless WiFi control, Internet control, Telephone control, Round-trip
control, Bluetooth control, Temperature control, Water level detection, Battery power monitoring, Humidity monitoring, Smoke monitoring, Leak detection etc.
3. Software customization: Android / iOS APP for mobile phone, PC / Network software development.
4. Hardware customization: Industrial automatic control circuit development, Home intelligent control circuit development, Communication circuit development,
includes WiFi, TCP / IP, Bluetooth.
5. Other services: Apply CE, FCC certification, Print LOGO or symbol on shell, PCB board or button.

Custom instructions:
1. Customize new product: you should provide the details (function, product mode diagram)
2. Change the hardware on our existing product: (for example, Request the wireless controller input voltage DC48V, output voltage DC12V)
3. Certification of products’ certificate: Please provide product model, which kind of certificate
4. Print LOGO or symbol on shell, PCB board or button: provide pictures or file.