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Signal / Light Wireless Sync System Transmitter And Receiver

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  • Model: 0020076 (1S6XW-DC12 & 1TB-01)

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  • Widely used for various types of sync devices, such as synchronous motor, synchronous signal, synchronous voice, synchronous movement, synchronous state, and so on.
  • Can synchronously control trailer taillights system, alarm system,  traffic light system, synchronous motor system and other home, industrial and agricultural equipments.
  • Wireless syn system, easy to install. After connecting the transmitter and receiver with the synchronous equipment, there is no wire in need between the different equipments.
  • With waterproof case and waterproof connectors. The sync device can be installed outdoors.
  • One transmitter can work with several receivers at the same time, achieving the synchronization of two or more equipments.
  • 6 channels of input/output, can synchronize with 6 receivers at the same time.
  • The transmitter can control the receiver from any place within a reliable distance; the wireless RF signal can pass through walls, floors and doors.
  • Use low-power and high-speed CMOS technology.
  • Transmitting Frequency: 433.92MHz

Package Include:
  • 1 x Receiver: 0020075 (S6XW-DC12)
  • 1 x Transmitter: 0021034 (TB-01)
  • 1 x User manual

  • The receiver 0020075 (S6XW-DC12) only work with the ransmitter 0021034 (TB-01).

Receiver Parameters:
  • Model No: 0020075 (S6XW-DC12)
  • 6 channel outputs
  • Operating Voltage / Output Singal: DC12~24V
  • Static Current: ≤6mA
  • Maximum Output Current: 10A / each channel
  • PCB Size: 92mm x 60mm x18mm
  • Case Size: 100mm x 62mm x 40mm

Transmitter Parameters:
  • Model No: 0021034 (TB-01)
  • 6 channel inputs
  • Operating Voltage / Input Singal: DC12~24V 
  • Static Current: ≤6mA
  • Transmitting Distance: 50m /150ft (in open field)
  • PCB Size: 49mm x 50mm x 35mm
  • Case Size: 62mm x 56mm x 35mm 

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